Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Square.ology] from Just Another Button Company & Hands On Design

Right around the time of the Nashville Market, a new series was launched from Just Another Button Company and Hands On Design.  We're happy to say we now have these patterns in stock and ready to ship to your local needlework shop!

The [square.ology] series is a unique collaboration of different styles by three different designers (Cathy Haberman, Cecile McPeak, and Rachel Martin) and introduces the "turn & stitch" concept.  It's fun and different and we hope you'll take time to look at these wonderful new charts and button packs (each sold separately)!

Bloom & Bloom Button Pack

Bee Dance & Bee Dance Button Pack

Around The Block & Around The Block Button Pack

Paisley Frame & Paisley Frame Button Pack

Where to buy, you ask?  No problem!  Any of the shops listed in our shop locator will be happy to assist you with purchasing in store or online!  Support them with your business!  You will not find these unique designs anywhere else!


  1. These are very cute designs. Congrats with starting the blog!

    Many of the designers have blogs and you should link up with them because they often show sneak peeks of their designs before they hit the shops.


    1. Thank you @Marexstitch! As a stitcher, do you enjoy seeing sneak peeks before the designs are released, or is that helpful in your opinion?