Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Sneak Peeks for #Hoffman30th!

Turning 30's not so this case it's good!  Very good!  And who am I kidding, I blew past 30 a long time wait, I meant to say a LITTLE while back!  Yeah that's the ticket, a little while back.  Let's go with that!

In any event, some of the best designers in the industry have submitted new releases for our #Hoffman30th update and we can't wait until Friday!
Here's some of what you'll see this Friday, May 29th on our #FridayUpdate:

Threadwork Primitives

Joy Of My Heart
102w x 94h
Stitched on 32ct Dirty Ewe by Dames of the Needle (Item# FAB-080)

 Spring Tail Feathers
82w x 51h
Stitched on 32ct Peeps Lost Sheep by Dames of the Needle (Item# FAB-081)

With Thy Needle And Thread (Brenda Gervais)

Bluebird Out My Window
60w x 96h
*uses Classic Colorworks Avocado & Ye Olde Gold

Grand Olde Flag
104w x 116h
*uses Classic Colorworks threads Blue Corn, Perfect Piecrust, Cayenne & Hazelnut

Cross Stitching Art

Holly-Never Love A Wild Thing!
82w x 192h

Hands On Design

Stitching By The Sea and Seas The Day


Needle Bling Designs

Happy 4th
72w x 116h

Stay tuned to our social media outlets and website for more sneak peeks and be sure to catch our big #FridayUpdate this week!

For ordering in store or online, contact your local needlework shop.  They know and love cross-stitch and are ready, willing and able to help you like no one else can!  


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